Tuesday, September 30


Here you will find Homeschool FreeBs galore from all over the internet! I've gathered the best sources for free homeschooling resources all in one place to save you money and time! I only post weekly but new content is added DAILY! My hope is that the time I put in this website will bless other homeschooling families. All free & NO SPAM!

Wednesday, September 5

America the Story of US FreeB

Here's a post to tell you about a little history freebie that is all the buzzzzz among homeschoolers.

Last year, if you were lucky enough to be in the freebie loop, you got a free DVD called AMERICA the Story of Us (If you didn't, you can probably find it on Netflix or Amazon Prime) Well through Sept 11 you can now get free ebooks to go along with your free DVD from last year!

Book 1- The world comes to America
Book 2 - Creating the west
Book 3 - A house divided cannot stand


Thursday, August 23

Phonics for Free

What does every homeschooled child need to be taught? How to read of course! Can you do it for free? You bet you can! There are many options out there, even full phonics curricula for free! Yes, 100% totally free! 

Some children will learn to read on their own, others will need lots of instruction, some will do best with books, others with interactive websites, other will learn to read by learning to spell; so I've included more than just standard textbook approach here. I am a firm believer in teaching Phonics, some of the sites may also incorporate the use of sight words as well. 

Here are 20 ways to teach your child phonics for free!


Starfall.com offers a wonderful interactive approach to learning to read and it's free.

ABC Fast Phonics is a great supplement to any phonics curriculum.

The Phonics Page offers free videos for phonics. These might be a bit long for younger students, but they are a great tool we use in our own homeschool. If you use this DonPotter.net has some great downloads to go with it. By Lesson 22 your child will be able to read the book of Romans from the Bible.

Free Reading - offers an 'intervention' program for K or 1st grade students. 

Progressive Phonics - Includes alphabet, beginning, intermediate and advanced phonics as well as handwriting.

Foniks - Laid out in in a grid so you can pick the lessons you need, offers interactive pages as well as printables of the interactive pages for worksheets or notebooking.

Owl & Mouse has a nice learn to read section full of lots of options (includes sight words as well) This is great for online or, if you don't always have internet many options are downloadable as well.

Phonics4Free - Using these videos by Mona is like having your grandma teach your kids to read, they are wonderful! VEach lesson contains a video lesson by Mona, Mona's quick guide, and games and worksheets.

All In  One Homeschool - has videos, worksheets and ideas for each letter.

Reading Bear - Looks like a fun program.

FunFonixfree printable worksheets, printable phonics workbooks, and online phonics games for kids 

Reading Target - Bright and colorful, kinda old school, great resource.

The Schoolhouse - Free phonics


One of my favorite resources is McGuffey's Readers.
These are not marked by grade level-but they go through the college level!
The primer is 1st-2nd grade
First reader for 3rd-4th grade
Second Reader for 5th grade
Third Reader for 6th grade

McGuffey's OnlineTutor offers free video lessons to go along with the books! (My son loves these!)

Learning Phonics Through Spelling:

You'll find tons of phonics options, many free, on DonPotter.net

Blend Phonics (1st grade) PDF

I hope this list blesses you and yours!